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And that I didn't last night.

Otherwise I'd be as MASSIVELY HUNGOVER as the others.

Hey, mate! J's already using the toilet! You can't BOTH use it, use the bathtub!

*goes out for the day*

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I hope everyone's Christmas/December 25th was a good one. Mine was spent at a friend's place eating and eating and eating.


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It's easier than remembering birthdays. And I can send one big gift (instead of two okay gifts) towards the end of the year while sales are going on and shipping from some sites is cheaper than the rest of the year. (An important consideration when you're far from home.)

And it's a good excuse to give gifts to people whose birthday you don't know, and who would think it weird if you just gave them something. "I saw this at a shop and I thought you'd like it, and it was on sale..." "Okay, what do you want?" "Nothing! I just...saw it...and thought of you." "Riiiight."

And no one ever believes me. :(

So if I find something a friend or acquaintance might like, and can afford it, I get it and set it aside, and then one weekend in December I wrap the gifts in seasonal (yet secular) gift wrap.

I get to do my gift-giving AND not have to memorize birthdays AND not look like a weirdo.

At least religion's good for something. :P

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Because I'm an atheist, though from a Christian family, and they know I'm an atheist, yet they snipe at me for not "getting into the Christmas spirit." If they were just taking the piss I could let it go, but they mean it!

The one saving grace of all this Christmas crap: the parodies/snark! (And the sugar cookies. Okay, there are two.)

My current favourite: Fabian, Fabian, Fabian, Fabian, Fabian, Fabian, this one's for you!


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