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Still gonna be purposely vague about where I live, but I'd like to introduce my friends.

Jake (roomie) has been my best friend since kindergarten and an awesome artist. He draws comics and his twin sister Jenny (not a roomie) writes and colors them. Jake and Jenny are both gay, and Jake is dating Ryan (roomie), who's two years younger than the rest of us and leaning towards a career in elementary education, though he worries about discrimination against queer (he's pansexual like me) teachers. Ben's the last roomie, and Ryan's best friend, and my new boyfriend (though it'd have happened years earlier if I weren't so damned clueless). His singing voice is aural sex and he's in university now, though he seems restless.

We're a pretty open-minded bunch, with a bit of bed-hopping. Ryan occasionally likes a woman's company, which I provide, and sometimes I like a woman's company, which Jenny provides (and Jenny's girlfriend Danny is okay with it, especially since she works for a Formula One pit crew and travels all the time). Jake doesn't mind Ryan's occasional dalliances with me because, well, he knows where I've been (if you catch my drift), and he knows that romantically, Ryan only has eyes for him. (Also, Jake has medical issues that often leave him too exhausted to walk to the kitchen for dinner, much less have a roll in the hay. Too bad Ben's exclusively heterosexual, he and Ryan could give Jake--and me! XD--a live show.) Ben doesn't mind my dalliances with Jenny because I tell all the juicy details. In fact, Jenny also writes erotic short stories, so some of our dalliances are actually in locally published anthologies. :P

My current fantasy is a threesome with Ryan and Ben but Ben deep six'ed that pretty quickly. Le sigh.
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[ profile] fizzylizard just showed me the site Anal Abstinence, Homosexual Abstinence, Group Abstinence, etc. ;)

Here's a "your stories" letter:

Dear AbstinenceOnly,

I never thought something like this would happen to me.

A bunch of us from our church group got bored one day and started masturbating each other through our clothes in the rectory. Guys were rubbing girls who were rubbing guys in a great big daisy-chain of abstinence I'll remember for as long as I'll live.

Anyway, I was nestled between the legs of this girl I'd been watching in Bible study, while somebody else was rubbing away at my crotch. There was another girl laying across my chest and I had this great view of her breasts. Suddenly I felt this surge of energy, like a great white light. The Holy Spirit had entered me and immediately exited into my pants.

But then the girl who's breasts I'd been lusting after got up and I discovered that I'd just been masturbated through my jeans by my cousin Karl.

Does this mean I'm gay? Is it gay if you don't know it's a guy? To make matters worse, my dog has started humping my leg a lot, and I think I'm enjoying it. What does that mean?


Wondering in Walla Walla

Emphasis mine. ;)


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